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Turning multi-tasking marketers into strong, confident writers.


Marketers who write well go further.


Because strong writing drives careers and businesses forward. 


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Copy Catalyst is a NEW, skills-based writing course built around the specific needs of marketers.


It’s a comprehensive, 12-week online programme delivering professional development for marketers who write copy as part of their role, but aren’t trained writers.


Good writing makes a difference – to customers, careers and businesses. But so few marketing degrees cover writing, there’s a significant gap between what’s taught in education and what’s needed in the real world. 

Designed by a qualified teacher, Copy Catalyst contains a unique IP, taught in a supportive, small group setting, to develop strong, adaptable writers who can communicate effectively, copyedit with confidence and tackle any brief.


Join the Copy Catalyst Beta Launch and help shape the future of writing training for marketers.


We’re looking for marketing executives to join our first course cohort this coming September 2024.

Once launched, we’ll be working with the CPD certification service to become accredited. 

If you’re a marketer looking to transform your writing skills, email [email protected] for a chat or book your spot right now!

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